Singapore Visa

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A Singapore Student Visa or Singapore Student Pass allows the applicant to enter Singapore only for full time education purpose. To enter into the country, the student should first obtain a confirmation letter from one of the Singapore’s educational institution tospring-consultancy-overseas-education-Singapore_map pursue their studies.

The country has been offering various courses to foreign students that suite their chosen field. Singapore has some of the most popular universities for students. For years, it’s proven that Singapore is known for its quality education. A student can acquire a promising career after studying in Singapore due to their grades.

What are the Singapore student visa requirements?

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) form 16 & Form V36 After receiving the offer letter from the desired institute for particular course, students need to apply for student pass to enter Singapore. Institutes in Singapore will file the Singapore student pass for Indian application behalf of students to Singapore immigration and check point authority (ICA). Singapore student pass application Fee varies from institute to institute. Normally it will take 2 – 3 weeks to get the Singapore student visa passes. The details provided in this page are suitable for Singapore visa for Indian citizen. Singapore student visa for Indian is applied by the institutes in Singapore.

Although the rejection rate is low, there is no fixed set of requirements that, if fulfilled, gives you the right to a student pass. You submit the documents, and ICA makes a decision. That said, if the following boxes are ticked, you will most likely be granted a student pass:

You follow a full-time course at a recognised educational institution, and the institution submits the application on your behalf;
You have adequate educational credentials. Depending on your age, it means you will have completed secondary or tertiary education;
Your forms are properly filled and the supporting documents all check out

Keep in mind that Singapore has the ambition to be a regional education hub. So in general, the student pass process is kept as accessible and streamlined as possible. Nevertheless, rejections do occur in certain cases.

I want to start studying very soon, do I need to wait until my student pass goes through before coming to Singapore?

No. By all means, get your application going as soon as you can. You can send scans to your school for the first submission, but need to bring the originals when you collect your pass.

That said, you can enter Singapore with a social visit pass and start your course already. Just do verify with the school whether, in the unlikely case of student pass rejection, they will refund you the remaining course fees. Most schools will agree to this.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that you always need a valid endorsement in your passport, be it a student pass or social visit pass. Never overstay even if your student pass application is pending.