Social Initiatives

Intake Overseas strongly believes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the company is committed towards the betterment of the society. Although we deem it unnecessary to create hype and publicity regarding our philanthropy, it gives us great pleasure to be associated with various charities from time to time

Intake Overseas is focused and very strongly committed to extend our share and take responsibility to fulfill our social responsibilities and always will ensure that we stand up with our might at times when the situation demands and warrants our actions and presence.

We have assisted students with financial need, especially when some are found in dire need of financial assistance for furthering their education. We keep looking for such noble causes to further our vision and to make a qualitative difference to the lives of students and other community members.

Intake Overseas believes in growth with a human face and pursuing people-centered development. It attaches great importance to discharging its overall social responsibilities to the community and the society in whatever way and scale possible, where all its offices/offices are located. In this regard, organizing musical nights for raising funds will be a focus area as people in huge numbers are attracted to attend such live shows. This gives us a an opportunity to create an awareness for social initiatives.

We have a very good contact with the leading names in the music industry and Dr. Lakshminarayana by himself is a very good singer and guitarist, who has to his credit many live shows in Visakhapatnam for noble and social causes.

Keep watching this space for Intake Overseas’s initiatives towards CSR.