Study in Singapore

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Singapore Higher Education Institutions can be categorized into public and non-public institutions or organizations. The public sector offers a comprehensive range of post-secondary education and training opportunities. Different options are available to students depending upon their qualifications. These options can be divided into three types: the universities, the polytechnics, and the technical training institute.
There are more than 300 private commercial, IT, Fine Arts and language schools’ in Singapore. The courses offered range from certificate to postgraduate levels.

Singapore is the world leader in foreign trade and investment & ranked first for having the most open economy for international trade and investment, It is ranked No.2 worldwide as the city with the best investment potential for 16 consecutive years. Singapore is the hub of business in Asia;
Singapore is the world’s third most wired nation and Asia’s most wired, one where online banking & mobile lifestyle have become the norm. And close to 99% of the population, or almost every home, school and business has access to broadband Internet. Singapore is also one of the safest countries in the world to live in. It is Asia’s most “network ready” country.

Requirements for Singapore

Students need to meet the minimum academic requirements before they can be admitted to a Singapore university or institution. Some courses require students to have work experience in order to be eligible for the course. Please consult our office for more details.